The Ultimate Pool Instructional Video

This is the home of the Ultimate Pool Instructional Video

The video comes on a 32GB USB flash drive. There is a total of 11-1/2 hours of video plus a PDF of the entire 516 page OWNER’S MANUAL for the COMPLETE POOL PLAYER. The video covers the entire manual plus dozens of extra systems, shots and tips not covered in the manual. This is a massive amount of information; but it’s information you need, to reach your full potential as a pool player.

This is a look at what this video covers:

Chapter 1
THE BASICS – This covers stances, bridges, grip, alignment, strokes, pre-shot routine and the mental aspect of pool. You will come to understand the importance of having a solid foundation of the basics.

Chapter 2
– I cover the GHOST BALL concept and what it means. I also cover FRACTIONAL-BALL AIMING, POINT-TO-POINT AIMING, what I call the EASIEST AIMING SYSTEM and a look at EDGE-TO-EDGE AIMING.

Chapter 3
– Here we look at SPEED CONTROL. Then the infamous STOP-SHOT. From there we discuss the TANGENT LINE followed by a look at the effects of TOP, CENTER and BOTTOM off an object ball and then off a rail. Finally we discuss and show the effects of using English for position.

Chapter 4
– Here we talk about WARMING-UP to get ready to play, then we talk about PRACTICE and how to get the most out of your practice session. Then we look at some DRILLS that will improve your cue-ball control.

Chapter 5
– Here we look at what makes shooting on a BAR TABLE different from shooting of a regulation table. Most of this centers around the cue-ball, some has to do with the specs that the tables are built to.

Chapter 6
– We start by look at how to kicks using English only. Next we learn to count diamonds. This is important because this is the basis of all diamond counting systems.   We then look at systems for 1-RAIL KICKS that don’t require counting diamonds. Next we look at a series of RAIL FIRST SHOTS. These can be game changers.

Chapter 7
– We start by looking at how bank shots are influenced by where the cue-ball is in relation to the object ball. We learn that 1-RAIL BANKS use the same diamond counting system as 1-RAIL KICKS. We then cover using DOUBLE-the-DISTANCE to make 1-RAIL BANKS. We discuss dealing with a double-kiss when banking. I cover a whole series of what I call ½-ball banks. Then we look at ¼-ball banks. We then look at a couple of banking systems that don’t require counting diamonds. We finish by look at OFF-ANGLE BANKS.

Chapter 8
–These include FROZEN COMBOS, CUE-BALL FROZEN to the OBJECT BALL, FROZEN KISS SHOTS, NON-FROZEN KISS SHOTS, how to INFLUENCE a FROZEN KISS SHOT, BENDING the RAIL SHOTS, PIC SHOTS, a series of shots WORTH KNOWING and finally JUMP SHOTS you can make using you shooting cue and more.

Chapter 9
– We start by looking at the BASICS of POSITON, followed by understanding what defines good position. Next is a POSITION DRILL. Next I look at Buddy Hall’s CLOCK SYSTEM, this is an awesome system for controlling the cue-ball off a rail for position. We then discuss MULTI-RAIL SHAPE. We then look at playing position off a 2nd object ball. Then we talk about playing position off a hanger. We then cover a series of shots that tend to SCRATCH. Next we cover a multitude of SAFETIES, an important part of today’s game.

Chapter 10
– Here we cover different 2-RAIL KICKING SYSTEMS. We then look at 3, 4 and 5 RAIL KICKS. We then look at another set of connecting diamonds you should know. Finally a 2-RAIL kicking system for the side pocket.

Chapter 11
– We start with a final strategy session. This is a really detailed discussion. I end the video with a series of BONUS CLIPS. These are systems, shots and tips not covered in the manual. These include billiards, kicking systems based on English and CALLING A FOUL. There are BONUS CLIPS throughout this video. They number 3 dozen or more.

As I said at the start, you also get a PDF of the entire 516 page OWNER’S MANUAL for the COMPLETE POOL PLAYER.

Once you install the files on this FLASH DRIVE, you can transfer them to a tablet, which makes it convenient to keep with you. You can also transfer chapters to your smartphone, depending on the amount of memory it has. As a bonus you can connect your laptop to your flat screen tv with a HDMI cable. Now you can watch the video on your flat screen tv.

For help using the USB Flash Drive, please watch this video